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Jumbo Investor Loans

Our new, limited time Prime Investor Jumbo Special loan is breaking all the rules for Investors with the following:

  • No Difference in LTV between investors and owner occupants!
  • Cash out same as purchase!
    • Same pricing
    • Same LTV
  • No Jumbo pricing add-ons

We’ve designed our new Prime Investor Jumbo Special loan program to give investors more borrowing power with larger loan amounts and better pricing.

  • LTV as high as 75% for loans up to $1.5 million
  • LTV as high as 70% for loans up to $2.5 million

Use our standard Gap pricing for 1-, 3-, 5- and 7-year ARM loans with no additional add-ons for loan size or cash out. The only add-on is 0.25% to the rate and points for investor versus owner-occupant. All other terms and conditions are identical for investors and owner occupants.

This program is for Prime Borrowers!

  • Net worth of $2.5 million or better
  • Liquid assets of $250,000 or better
  • 740 FICO or better (If the borrowers FICO score is between 700 – 739, simply reduce LTV by 5%)

Go to our Wholesale website and check out our product fact sheet for more details and rates, or call us today to answer any other questions you may have.

This is a limited time program and may not be around for long. Act now!