What are you looking to do?

My husband and I want to remodel our home. How can Finance Factors help?
We listen. Our loan officers have an average of 20 years of lending experience and will use that knowledge to make sure you get the right loan product for your specific situation.
I have a really good rate on my first mortgage that I don’t want to give up, but my children will be going to college soon. Can I use the equity in my home to help pay for their tuition expenses?
We understand. A home equity line of credit is one way to get equity from your home without disturbing your low-rate first mortgage. We will work with you one-on-one to evaluate your needs and match you to the right loan product.
I need to manage my debt but I also want to lower my mortgage payments. How do I decide between a home equity line of credit and a fixed rate mortgage?
We are expert problem-solvers. We will run figures for you to compare and talk about your plans for your property, both short-term and long-term. In some cases a total refinance into a new fixed rate mortgage is best, while in other cases a home equity line of credit is better. We can help you make the right choice.
See why Finance Factors has one of the best home equity line of credit programs in Hawaii.
Your financial success is important to us, so we’ve worked hard to provide a very competitive and flexible product for Hawaii residents.
•  We’ll save you money with a low interest-only payment and one
    of the lowest fully-indexed rates in Hawaii.
•  We provide you the ability to do more with loan amounts up to
•  Your line is available when you need it. Pay only on what you use.
    – Flexible qualifying guidelines allow for customized solutions
•  Owner-occupant and investor programs available
Smart Financing Solutions. It’s what Finance Factors is all about.
With loan officers on every major island, we have helped Hawaii homeowners for over 60 years achieve their real estate goals. Our priority with every customer is to have a long-lasting relationship and to enhance their financial well-being. For fast closings with flexible home mortgage options, choose Finance Factors. We can help.