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Up to 90% LTV Commercial Loans for Purchase or Refinance

Get more loans today with Finance Factors and the SBA 504 loan program! Help your small business owner clients purchase or refinance commercial real estate with a down payment as low as 10%. This program is designed for owner-user properties where the owner occupies at least 51% of the commercial property.

How do we do it? Finance Factors takes a first mortgage position with SBA taking a second mortgage position. Combined LTV goes up to 90%.

The entrepreneur benefits from a long-term commercial loan with a fixed rate up to 20 years and preserves liquidity and capital with a lower down payment.

You benefit by getting paid 1.0% on the entire loan amount, and since the Loan Officer Compensation rules don’t apply to commercial loans, you don’t have to do the same amount of work or processing that you would on a residential loan. Just source the referral and give us a call!

Below are just a few highlights of the SBA 504 program:

  • Increase Cash Flow with a Lower Down Payment: With up to 90% financing available for the project cost, clients can get an affordable down payment which enables them to conserve working capital and retain liquidity for operating needs.
  • Get Long Term SBA Financing at Competitive Interest Rates: This program enables a small business owner to pay for a facility over the long term (up to 20 years), and avoid risky loan call requirements. Call us today at 522-2000 to get current rates for the SBA 504 loan program!
  • Get Predictable Monthly Payments: SBA 504 financing allows small business owners to fix their monthly loan payments with an attractive, 20-year, fixed interest rate.

Call Finance Factors today to discuss financing options available to help the local small business owner grow, and increase your production pipeline now! We can help you structure deals tailored to each of your small business owner needs.