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Spice Up Your Loan Production

Avoid the frustration of losing a deal to a seasoning issue on title! Have you ever taken a call from a very qualified applicant with a property and LTV that sound well within lending guidelines? But as you get deeper into the loan process you realize that the loan won’t work at all due to problems with changes in ownership and seasoning of the borrowers on title.

Don’t wait six months to season your borrowers and risk losing the loan! Call the mortgage experts at Finance Factors and make the loan NOW! Not only does Finance Factors not have formal seasoning requirements, but we do many loans with unusual transfers of ownership without the normal six-month waiting period.

Here are typical situations, involving seasoning or other title issues that emerge, that Finance Factors can help you finance:

Finance Factors is Hawaii’s source for unique mortgage financing solutions. Call today to discuss your options for spicing up your loan production pipeline.