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Leveraging Multiple Collateral Loans for Difficult Purchases

Close those large and difficult purchase transactions for your clients using multiple-collateral lending! This is a great option for investors with a large real estate portfolio or those looking to grow their portfolio now but don’t want to use cash reserves for the down payment.

Multiple-Collateral is also a good option for parents who are willing to help their children with a purchase by using the equity in their own home towards a down payment for their family member’s property purchase.

Why use multiple-collateral financing?

  • Allows for 100% financing (or more) on purchases
  • Borrower gets extra cash out for repairs or payment subsidy
  • Allows for larger loan amounts to the borrower
  • You can secure properties with the title held in different names
  • You can cross-collateralize different types of properties on one loan

Call us anytime to discuss your different loan scenarios and we can provide a free evaluation to determine if a multiple-collateral loan is the best solution for your clients.