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Maximize Client Buying Power with a Multiple-Collateral Loan

If you have clients who already own real estate and want to expand their portfolio of properties by taking advantage of their existing equity, consider a multiple-collateral loan instead of a traditional mortgage. With our multiple-collateral loan program we maximize a homebuyer’s equity by securing two or more properties on a single loan, providing flexibility in how they can make their real estate purchase.

The benefits of a multiple-collateral loan are:

  • No cash down payment; finance 100% of the purchase or more
  • Borrow more than the purchase price and use the extra for closing costs, repairs or upgrades
  • More liberal guidelines than conventional loans and home equity credit lines: higher debt ratios, larger loan amounts, lower FICO scores
  • Title can be held by entities and/or you can have different title holders to each property
  • Lower LTV to mitigate credit and property condition concerns

At Finance Factors, we are experts at crafting custom, common-sense solutions for uncommon lending problems! In an increasingly cookie-cutter lending environment, we have decades of experience in portfolio lending. Call me today and schedule a presentation for your office or to discuss how our Multiple Collateral Financing can help you close more transactions!