Certificates of Deposit

Incentive CD
Lock in a higher rate by investing your money with our Incentive CD.
Heritage CD
A Certificate of Deposit with special features designed for savers age 55 or older.
Business CD
Great rates for your business.
Jumbo CD
Short term Certificates of Deposit with competitive rates for balances of $100,000 or more.
Variable Jumbo CD
Certificates of Deposit that offer competitive rates and shorter terms for deposits of $250,000 or more.
The Savers Club
The Club account that’s not just for Christmas. Whether it’s that new television to watch the big game or an exciting family vacation, earn high interest in a safe place while meeting your savings goal.
Raise My Rate CD
A Certificate of Deposit that allows for a one-time option to change the rate of earnings to the rate then being paid by Finance Factors on a regular time certificate with the same term and conditions.
Rising Rate CD
A Certificate of Deposit that consists of four (4) consecutive 7-month CDs, each paying a higher APY as the account matures.