Loan Products

Low Rate 30 and 15 Year Fixed Rate Loans
Whether your owner-occupant or investor borrower is purchasing a property, refinancing to lower their rate and payments or getting cash out of a property, Finance Factors features low rates and fast turnaround times.

Jumbo Loans
Loans for high-end clientele purchasing a high-value property!

Properties In Poor Condition
Deferred maintenance or tear-down, we offer financing options to fit most properties.

Extreme Condition Property
Help your homebuyer acquire a Hawaii property that is in the perfect location and is perfectly priced, but is in way less than perfect condition! This financing program is great for investors with construction industry connections who are looking to flip a property or buyers looking for a value purchase.

Bridge Loans
Designed for borrowers who desire to purchase a new property using equity from an existing property that they are listing for sale. These loans are usually secured by a second mortgage on the existing property and a first mortgage on the purchase property.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loans
Perfect for real estate investors with complicated financials, our residential DSCR program uses the cash flow of the property to qualify borrowers. This program allows your investor clients to get up to $1,000,000 towards the purchase or refinance of an investment property.

Condotel & Lodging Unit Financing
Help clients looking for financing to purchase, refinance or get cash on a condotel unit.

Foreign Investor Loans
Our common sense underwriting can help foreign investor clients overcome hurdles such as limited or no credit, no FICO score, or difficult to verify income and employment situations.

EZ Investor Program
This program is designed for investors with complex financials, good credit and substantial liquidity. No tax returns required but bank statement will be used to verify assets.

HomeBuyer 123
This program is specially designed to help borrowers within certain income limits who do not own property at the time of the loan closing buy their very own home.

Multiple Property Loans
A single loan secured by more than one property. This provides tremendous flexibility in structuring a single loan that maximizes all of a borrower’s equity in multiple properties.

Construction Loans
Designed for borrowers who want to build on their existing vacant lot or for homeowners who wish to tackle a major renovation, addition or repair of their existing home.

Home Equity Line of Credit
Borrowers can start using their equity today for home improvements, education expenses, bill consolidation, travel, or other needs. For more information about our low-rate HELOCs, please contact one of our Loan Experts at 808-522-2000.

Flexible Underwriting
Finance Factors' unique underwriting guidelines provide flexibility in structuring and approving loans.

Challenging Listing
When you have a property that doesn’t meet conforming guidelines due to a specific problem or technicality.

Unique Borrower
When you have a borrower that you know is qualified in every way for a loan but is unable to meet conforming guidelines due to a specific problem or technicality.

Commercial Loans

SBA 504
Designed for small businesses to purchase or refinance an existing commercial building or office, or acquire a commercial property at market interest rates without having to provide a large down payment.

Commercial Income Property Loans
This program is designed for borrowers who desire to purchase or refinance a commercial property or for owner-tenants looking to own their own business space or pull equity out of an existing property.

Multifamily Property Loans
Helps borrowers take advantage of a low fixed rate now, reducing their monthly payments and saving them money on their initial commercial investment.