Jumbo Savings

A special savings account that offers higher tiered interest rates for balances of $50,000 or more.


  1. $50,000 minimum deposit to open account.
  2. Tiered Rates mean you earn more as your balance grows; the more you save, the more you earn.
  3. Jumbo Savings rates are often higher than our other savings plans.
  4. Funds can be withdrawn at any time.
  5. Interest is credited and compounded monthly.
  6. Rates may be different for business accounts.
  7. Quarterly statements provide details of all transactions for the quarter.
  8. Each depositor is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.
  9. Automatic Deposit Service makes saving easy.
  10. Please refer to our Jumbo Savings Account Disclosures, General Savings Disclosures and Fee Schedule for additional information and terms.