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I found a vacant lot to purchase and I eventually want to build my own home, but I’m not quite ready to start the construction process and I want to make sure I can take this to completion. How can Finance Factors help me take advantage of this opportunity now?
Land LoansWe care. Finance Factors will take the time to work with you to make sure that we will be able to make you a loan to build your home when you are ready. That way you avoid getting trapped with a piece of property that you are unable to build on.

I am trying to buy a house in “tear down” condition but my bank won’t lend on the property. How can Finance Factors help?
We are flexible. Most lenders will not lend on a property where the home is in terrible shape. However, at Finance Factors we will make you a loan based upon the value of the land since the home is in such bad condition, and when you are ready to build we can help you with a construction loan.

I already own a vacant lot with no mortgage on it. I also have money in the bank, but I’m a little bit short to build a new home with just my cash. Can Finance Factors help me?
We problem-solve. We can make a loan on your lot to give you the additional funds needed to build your home on the property. Once your home is built, we can help you refinance the loan into a low rate 15- or 30-year fixed rate mortgage.

We Blend Experience with Creativity to Help You Achieve Your Goals.

  • Obtain that perfect property now for your future home or investment property later
  • We can finance a wider range of properties than almost any other lender in Hawaii.
  • If we finance your lot purchase we will first make sure that you can qualify for a construction loan.
  • We use our flexible underwriting to help you qualify for your loan when other lenders can’t.

Expertise and Aloha you can rely on.
For over 60 years, Finance Factors has made it a priority to enhance our customers’ financial well-being.  Call Finance Factors – We can help.

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