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Is this your property?

I found a great deal on a house, but it’s not in the best condition. How can Finance Factors help?
We understand. We realize that there are many opportunities in today’s real estate market at “below market” prices. We have less restrictive and flexible guidelines that can help you take advantage of a “fixer-upper” purchase.

Other lenders told me my property does not qualify because of some home improvements I have made in the past (I didn’t get permits for all the work I did). How is Finance Factors different?
We problem-solve. Our loan officers are experts at understanding how different types of work on a property all impact a property differently. Contact us to discuss what’s different about your property and we’ll help put a loan program together for you.

Going beyond just financing for our customers.
Our creative loan solutions provide you with more than just a reasonable monthly loan payment.

  • We provide you the ability to act fast on a purchase opportunity
  • We take the time to talk to you and understand what is different about your property and we will give you straight answers on what we can and cannot do for you
  • Take advantage of great deals in today’s real estate market
    We work with you. Here are just a few situations where we can help:

  • Properties that need substantial repairs
  • Properties that have had work done without permits
  • Properties that do not meet current zoning requirements
  • Properties with very large acreage or with farming activities that have a residential dwelling
  • Loans using more than one property, for example:
    – When a parent may want to use equity in their property to help their child purchase
       their first home
    – For the investor who wants to use more than one property as collateral to purchase
       a second property for rental income, but doesn’t want to deplete all their cash for
       the down payment
    – For a borrower using more than one property as collateral when the property they
       are buying has substantial repairs required and they want to save their cash to do
       the repairs
  • Condos that may not qualify for financing at other banks due to outstanding project litigation, higher delinquency rates on the project’s maintenance fees, or low owner-occupancy ratios
    We know every borrower’s situation is unique.
    Finance Factors is the local leader in innovative loan solutions. Let us show you what you can do with our common sense approach to mortgage financing. Call Finance Factors – We can help.

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