Ineligible Income

Is this you?

I rent part of my home and my bank told me that they can’t use my rental income to qualify for a mortgage. How is Finance Factors different?
We problem-solve. We evaluate your entire financial picture and use our years of experience and knowledge of how things are done in Hawaii to see if we can consider all of your income to help you get a loan.

I’m self-employed and when I expanded my business last year my expenses increased before my income caught up. Now I’m making more money than ever but I was told that last year’s dip in income would be held against me. How is Finance Factors different?
We listen. Tell us your story and explain your situation. We look at your overall circumstances, putting the most weight on what is happening right now, and use a common sense approach to evaluating your loan.

These are just some examples of how Finance Factors is different and can help you with your next loan.

Imagine the possibilities with getting your mortgage loan today.
At Finance Factors, we are dedicated to supporting the communities we serve. Our loan experts make every effort to structure financing that will meet your specific needs and allow you to achieve your goals.
•  Get credit for your full income to get a larger loan to fulfill your needs
•  Refinance to lower payments or get cash out
•  Take advantage of great deals in today’s real estate market

We know every borrower’s situation is unique.
Finance Factors is the local leader in innovative loan solutions. Let us show you what you can do with our common sense approach to mortgage financing. Call Finance Factors – We can help.

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