HomeBuyer 123 Financing Can Help
Our Finance Factors HomeBuyer 123 financing program is specially designed to help borrowers within certain income limits who do not own property at the time of the loan closing buy their own home.

Benefits of our HomeBuyer 123 Financing include:
•  Up to 97% financing
•  Mortgage insurance at about just half the normal rate
•  100% of the down payment funds can be gifted from family
•  No reserve requirements for 1-unit properties
•  Fast closing
•  Local servicing of your loan

Easy to Qualify
•  All borrowers must occupy the new property
•  Homebuyers cannot own any other residential real estate at the time of loan closing
•  Purchase property must either be in an “underserved” area (for properties located
    in Hawaii) or the borrowers must meet certain income limits
•  For First Time Homebuyers, at least one borrower must complete a homeownership
    education class

Financing that Fits
Knowledgeable and experienced loan professionals will provide you with the best solutions based on your needs. Call one of our seasoned local loan officers today to discuss taking the first step toward making your home buying dream a reality!


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