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I own a piece of land and want to build a home to rent out. Can I qualify?
We listen. At Finance Factors we will find out what you want to do and consider your entire situation in order to create the best financing solution. We can consider the future rental income from the property once it is completed in order to help you qualify for the construction loan. We will also walk you through the process, making sure you have enough money to make the loan payments during construction before the home is rented.
Our family’s home is extremely old and we want to tear it down and build a new home for all of us to live in. Can Finance Factors help?
We make it simple. We will help make sure you have everything in place in order to get a construction loan. When we do a construction loan we value your property based upon the future home that will be built so that we can loan you enough money to successfully finish construction. We also help you get a bond that assures completion of your home.
Experience and expertise combined with great service.
•  Our loan officers walk you step by step through the process
•  Use the equity in your project to help with payments while the home is still
    under construction
•  Interest-only payments during the construction period keeps your
    payments low
•  You are billed monthly during the construction term based on how much of
    your construction line has been drawn, thus keeping your payments low
•  Bonding insures the completion of your home
•  We work with you up front before you start to see what you can qualify
    for and to answer all your questions

Helping Local Families for more than 60 years.
From our grass roots beginning, Finance Factors has always known that family matters. It is this purpose that drives our employees’ willingness to go the extra mile for our customers, going beyond just providing you with the best home loan. We look at solutions that will help lead you to your best life! Call Finance Factors – We can help.

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