This special program is available for purchase, refinance or cashout on new loans only. Refinances of existing Finance Factors loans are not eligible.
Program Details
• Loans from $250,000 to $2,500,000. Larger loans may be available. Call us to discuss.
• Up to 75% loan to value (LTV). Multiple properties may be used as additional collateral to lower LTV.
• Minimum 700 FICO score.
• Minimum $500,000 net worth.
• Minimum $50,000 in liquid assets not including retirement accounts.
• Apartment building must have 5 or more units to qualify.
• Income from the subject property cannot be the sole source of income.
• 1.25 to 1.00 debt service ratio.
• Payments amortized over 25 years.
• Subject property requires a high occupancy rate over the past 2 years.
• Entities can be borrowers with personal guarantors.
• Building must be well maintained with no signs of deferred maintenance or need of repair.

Unsure where to start? Call Kei Kido at (808) 548-3327 or Paul Vella at (808) 548-3385 for more information and help with walking through the lending process.