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Learn more about how Finance Factors’ mortgage programs and services can help your clients in the following archive of email blast articles and stories.

Email Blasts*
Maximize Client Buying Power with a Multiple Collateral Loan (originally sent 5/12/15)
Condotels are Calling (originally sent 6/23/14)
Don’t Let a C5 Appraisal Blow Up Your Loan (originally sent 4/29/14)
We’re Breaking the Rules on Jumbo Investor Loans (originally sent 4/8/14)
Leveraging Multiple Collateral Loans for Difficult Purchases (originally sent 3/18/14)
Ease Client Fear, Get Construction Loans Here (originally sent 11/26/13)
Financing Help for Small Developers and Investors (originally sent 10/8/13)
Spice Up Your Loan Production (originally sent 8/20/13)
Bridge Loan 101: The Basics About Finance Factors’ Bridge Loans (originally sent 7/30/13)
Maximize Your Client’s Equity and Your Opportunities with a HELOC (originally sent 6/18/13)
Super Jumbo Residential Loans Up To $2.5 Million (originally sent 5/14/13)
Up to 90% LTV Commercial Loans for Purchase or Refinance (originally sent 4/24/13)
Resolve Your Wet Bar-turned-Kitchen Dilemma Now (originally sent 4/9/13)
We Will Help You Fund Your Clients’ Construction (originally sent 1/29/13)
Get More Calls on your Phones with Financing of Land Loans (originally sent 1/15/13)

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